Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Introducing the New Fall Collection

I walk into the Diesel Store in Union Square and notice a new sweater in the men's section. I have never been a big fan of Diesel clothes and now I think I know why. The sweater is white and it is made of a cotton style material. Across the center of the sweater is a huge green telescope. Around the telescope are the words BOOTY FUN PLAY in big block green letters. Now after seeing this sweater the following questions arose in my mind:

1. What exactly is Booty Fun Play?
2. Will the salesmen demonstrate Booty Fun Play , so I know what the shirt means?
3. How many people are required to have Booty Fun Play?
4. Is Booty Fun Play safe?
5. Is a telescope absolutely necessary to have Booty Fun Play?
6. Does the telescope actually have to be that big?
7. What are you looking for, when you look through the telescope?
8. Can it be a microscope? A seeing eyeglass ?

Not only is the sweater confusing, it is ugly and looks uncomfortable. So of course I decide against the purchase. What designer thought that this sweater would be a great idea? If anyone has more details about Booty Fun Play and why one would want to wear an article of clothing promoting this "game" please let me know. Until then, I am staying the hell out of Diesel.